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Processes, Simplified!


Research says that 80% of HR is taken up by administration, leaving a mere 20% for planning, analysis and improvement. Pragya HRO Services, a division of Bhandari, is all set to better balance this ratio. With Pragya HRO Services, you are now equipped to work smart.

The older school of thought equated HR with inventory tracking has given way to the new one which equates HR with Asset Management.

The key deliverables are: Human Relations, Recruitment & HR Planning , Organization Development & Training and Payroll Processing & Statutory Compliance. (Click here to kow more)


Most of the strategies fail to move beyond the planning stage; execution of strategy is as important as planning and what better than a decade in execution of strategy. Zeecare offers services like Six Sigma benchmarking and analysis to create the best execution monitoring plan for a strategy..

With more than a decade giving our clients excellence in execution, we take pride in delivering the very best in strategy execution. All in all; simplification of processes so that you can concentrate on what you do best. (Click here to know more)

Processes, Simplified!

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